Our relationship with our clients is of the outmost importance to us and thus we have fully prioritized our training and technical support for them. Our company is fully committed to developing our products in a way that meets our client's needs and to safeguard their health by providing environmentally safe products and by offering the tools needed for general safety. We deem that this policy is the best way to maintain our position in the forefront as a market leader.

We believe in the moral values that we have adopted in dealing with our clients in order to build a close relationship with them based on mutual benefits.
The company is divided into two sites (Administration & Factory)

ATI Warehouses


Factory site :-

  1. The factory is divided into the following departments:
  2. Warehouses Unit
  3. Production Unit
  4. Maintenance Unit
  5. Quality control Unit
  6. R& D Unit
  7. Environmental &safety management Unit


More details for each unit is shown below :-

  • Warehouse units : the company has four storage units with highly protective safety systems and a sophisticated internal organization that is used to protect both raw materials ( liquid or solid ) as well as packing materials and ready products from climate conditions.
  • Production unit : the company has full automatic lines that are compatible with the different types of products and types of repacking .

Types of lines:

  • Line for liquid fungicides and insecticides  
  • Line for liquid herbicides
  • Line for powder or solid material fungicides and insecticides
  • Line for powder herbicides

(All the lines are separated to prevent contamination between products).

  • Maintenance unit : from this unit we prevent shutdowns of our lines for a long time by preventive and corrective maintenance .

Quality control unit : unit control for these item:

  • Monitoring all of the raw materials ( concentrated materials , inert materials , & packing materials)
  • In process control ( qualitative & quantitative )
  • Monitoring the product after preparation
  • Calibrate all instruments which are used for inspection (quality, environmental parameter).
  • R& D unit : this unit works in coordination between the sales and registration departments to provide the national and international market with the needed products.
  • Environmental and safety unit: monitoring all aspects and risks surrounding our industry in addition to working on decreasing these risks.

Administration site:

  • Sales and marketing departments
  • Registration department
  • Quality assurance department
  • Purchasing department
  • Training and human resources department
  • Financial department
  • Logistic department
  • Secretarial department
  • Business development department

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