• Scientific Health & Agricultural Development Co.(SHADCO) was established in 1999 to cater for the Iraqi market.
    • SHADCO is the sole distributor in Iraq for Bayer CropScience range of Crop protection products & Bayer Environmental Public health range of product for both the private market & governmental tender business.
    • SHADCO has a task force of more than 15 highly skilled agronomists & public health professionals covering the different regions in Iraq from the South to the North and providing direct support to the end users.
    • SHADCO also acts as a distributor in Iraq for M/S Motan SwingTech.






  • Y Nassar & Co. was established in 1960 and operates in Jordan with the head office in Amman.
    • Represents several companies including MSD Animal Health and Motan SwingTech in the fields of animal health and veterinary products.
    • Was the main distributor for Pif Paf in Jordan for several years. 




  • Levant Agricultural Investment Co.(LAICO) was established in 1998; based and operates in Jordan.
    • LAICO is a Trading Company in Agrochemicals, which represents several multinational companies including: Gowan, Arista LifeScience



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