ATI Products


Crop Protection

Public Health


Under crop protection we formulate and produce: 


  1. Insecticides
  2. Fungicides
  3. Herbicides
  4. Locust control

We formulate and produce products for:

1. Vector control (disease carrying insects)

2. Termites

3. Public nuisance insects ( flies, cockroaches etc...) 



We formulate insecticides for the control of external parasites on animals such as:

1. Ticks

2. Lice

3. Mange 

4. Keds



Support, efficiency & packages





Continuous technical support:


Not only supplying our customers with the products but also provide continuous technical support and professional follow-up to make sure that the customer needs are met.







Efficiency in production and delivery on time:

Over 98% is the annual percentage of the orders that have been delivered on time with the quality of production, efficacy of the actives & packaging being up to the standards of our customers. Customer satisfaction rates are continuously high.







We are able to provide our end product in several pack size that ranges from:

  •  100 ml up to 20 Liters for liquid products
  •  25 gram up to 1kg for powder products







Our product range



For more information about our product range, please contact us.

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